1. Treks around the Lodge

AFL organized easy and enjoyable treks around the Lodge. These include the Awash River Falls, the 2 km trek along the River Awash; Campsite of Awash NP and collections of taxidermic wildlife at the Museum of Awash NP.

Riverine trekking (Awash River Hike) - Tourists will have an enjoyable trek along the bash of the Awash River. Easy to Moderate. Departing from Awash Falls Lodge, this 2.7 km (loop) hike follows the Awash River as it flows downstream. Crocodiles are frequently spotted sunning themselves on the banks and on bolder rocks in the

middle of the River and aquatic birds like Goliath herons, African fish eagles, ducks, plovers, sandpipers and Hammer kops that can be spotted during the hike around the River. The downstream hike meanders along the relatively shaded banks of the River. There is a short steep hike up the cliff for the return part of the loop, heading back to the Lodge, and a nice view of the opposite cliff across the

River. Here, one can also see hyraxes around the rock caves. The end point of the downstream trail merges with the path where the Oryx take down to the water. The roundtrip trail takes approximately 40 minute and can be accomplished as a self-guided hike or with one of the lodge's guides.

Awash Falls is the primary site to visit anytime of the day as it is situated neaby the Lodge. This water fall is the largest fall in Ethiopia next to the Blue Nile Falls. Usually, the falls volume receeds from December to May.

Trek to the Campsites - Upstream of Awash River for about 500 m you will find several campsites where Colobus and Vervet monkeys, Crocodiles, Monitor lizard are among the few wild animals residing this pristine riverine area dominated by grand Ficus trees and lianas clinging to huge trees. The birdlife is astounding, walking to the songs of these beautiful birds is soothing and mind refreshing.

2. Trek to Mt. Fentale

Mt. Fentale is a dormant volcano with 2007 m in height a.s.l. The crater on top is roughly 3x3 km in diameter, it has a panoramic view and one can see water vapor coming out of the vents. The best time to see the vapors is during the cool of the mornings. The climb itself is through Acacia dominated slopes and some breathtaking views. From the top view you will also appreciate pairs of Lammergeyers, Egyptian vultures and a variety of birds of prey soaring calmly under you.

After climbing to the top, camping can be set for the night and small excursions are made on the rim. Various species of birds, including the elusive Lammergeyer and other Raptors can be observed hovering under, in addition to different mammal species like Klipspringers, Greater kudus and Rock hyraxes. Early in the morning descend to the crater bottom to see the vapor vents and return to the Lodge would be much enjoyable.

awash falls
crator of mt fentalr
the smock vent in the crator of mt fentale (1)
trekking by awash river

News & Events

We are very pleased to announce you that the Awash Falls Lodge has started a shuttle bus service from Addis Ababa Bolie International Airport. to Awash National Park

It is now a good option for a group of tourists that can rent for enjoyable and comfortable trip to Awash National Park. We serve you with reasonable price.

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