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Happy New Year!


The Awash Falls Lodge wishes everyone a prosperous and

enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

Emebet Seyoum

Manager, Awash Falls Lodge


The Awash Falls Ecolodge is synonymous to the

Awash Falls Lodge.


The Awash Falls Lodge (AFL) is located in the most southwestern limit of an

ancient conservation area, the Awash National Park, the only nearest Park to the

capital Addis Ababa, with 205 km in the East. The location of the Lodge in the

surrounding fantastic diversity of nature and related entertainment activities

provided by the Lodge has been called by many as 'The Little Paradise'.

We recommend guests to take break from the routine activities that you spend in

Addis on your working hours. And also for people who do not want cold and rain

during the winter, we advice to warm yourself and enjoy the evening in an

open outdoor services by the campfire of a deem light and the sky with the

universe over you. The services would be very complementary with overnight

low pitched music by Awash Falls.  

AFL preserves traditional inspiration, adding to Awash NP's attractions, in addition

to the different nature, cultures and traditions found in the area. It also serves

as a stopover and/or destination site for travelers to and from Eastern Ethiopia,

including the ancient Harer Town, Erta-Ale active volcano, Dallol Depression in the

Afar Region, etc...


The Lodge is an ideal place to refresh yourself in a peaceful and clean environment.

Its proximity to Addis and Adama/Nazret is also an advantage for you to spend at

least the weekends in the Lodge.

The Lodge is pleased to provide full services of:

1. Traditional and modern dishes and liquor

2. Convenient bed rooms: Single, Double, Twin & Family occupancies

3. Conference room for up to 80 persons

4. Trekking by Awash River, Fentale Volcanic Fissure, Hyenas' Dens & hiking Mt. Fentale

5. Swimming in a natural hot springs at Filwuha 

6. Game viewing

7. Bird watching for amateurs & professionals

8. Study tours for researchers/conservationists, students at schools and universities

9. Village tours at Kereyu Oromo and Afar Communities

10. Kereyu-Oromo cultural dance

11. Honeymoon/wedding festive


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The Nearest National Park to Addis Ababa!

Location map of Awash Falls Lodge

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Game Viewing

It would be your selection to discover this Upper Rift Valley including the Awash National Park and the surroundings’ natural beauty. We offer tours and vacations to this most famous and historic area. Choose from escorted tours of our offer and vacation packages/activities. Read more...

Cultural Show/dance

Among others, the KEREYU Oromo and AFAR ethnic groups dwell nearby the Park. They have very interesting and attractive lifestyles with their own culture, languages and historical backgrounds.


Bird Watching

With bird diversity, Awash is the richest National Park in Ethiopia with more than 453 species recorded. Read more...

Room and Services

AFL preserves traditional inspirations of bed rooms constructed from local materials. You will have a peaceful sleep only with low pitched music of the river falls throught the night.


Trip to Filwuha Hot Springs

43 km from the Lodge is found the natural hot spring with its naturally blue wimming pool surrounded by a large forest of Doum palm trees. The crocodiles found by the nearby pond, the Waterbuck and aquatic birds are the main attractions of the area.  Read more...

Bar and Restaurant

Besides the taste of national and international foods, the Restaurant has a fully licensed bar with one storey and guests can enjoy whole meal and drinks with traditional coffee ceremony.